Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top 5 Thursday...and Chocolate Cake

don't take life so seriously

Well we missed Top 5 Tuesday so we will move it to Top 5 Thursday!

1. We are getting so excited because KIMMY is coming to visit this weekend. We will pick her up at the airport tomorrow night. Wahooooooooooo!
Summer 2008

2. Our one year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. I can't believe it's been a year already. I wish we could go back to our wedding and attend it.

3. I have a new rule that I can only go on Facebook and Instagram twice a day. It is making me SIGNIFICANTLY more productive in life.

4. Things are so much better at work. I am FINALLY getting the hang of this account. It's been a month and I guess I should've just realized I would've figured it out and not put so much pressure on myself. I am finally Elle when she figures out that the defendant is lying!

"Heyyyyyyyyy.......I know what I'm doing!"

5. We stopped drinking during the week and noticed we both lost a pound or two. We also started running again which is really hard. We can't believe we ran a half/full marathon back in October but we are getting back at it!

And with that, I will leave you with the best Bill Cosby skit for a laugh.

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k. mead said...

2. You guys look SOOOO CUTE & happy!
3. I need to do this. FB needs a lock feature so you can lock yourself out of it for hours at a time.