Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Trip to San Diego

We had such an awesome trip down to San Diego this weekend! We flew into San Diego and drove up to Encinitas for our anniversary weekend. First, we dropped Evie off at camp and headed to the airport on Friday AM. We flew our favorite airline, Virgin America!

 We were on a BRAND NEW plane called "Jersey Girl" and since the Wifi wasn't hooked up yet, we got free premium TV and movies on our flight.

When we landed, we picked up our rental car and immediately headed to Blue Water Seafood Market. It came recommended from some of Erik's coworkers and it did NOT disappoint!

We waited in a line for awhile but it was worth the wait. Everything was super fresh and delicious. 

Yum....salmon sandwich

Salmon Tacos. So big and so good but I could only eat one. 

After lunch, we drove up to Encinitas and checked into our hotel. We dumped our stuff and headed out to check out the beach and start our trip with some drinks!

We stopped off at Cardiff Beach Bar, just a few minutes from our hotel. 

In unlikely fashion, I got an actual drink which was SO good - pineapple cranberry deliciousness. It was called "shacked up". haha

We ended up eating here too and had a great seat to watch the sunset!

 Great first day of our trip!

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