Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SD: Stone Brewery and Searsucker

We were hoping to go on the brewery tour of Stone Brewery but their website said you had to get passes for the tour in advance. We drove out to Escondido(about 30 min away) to go to the brewery. When we asked about passes, they said they are available for DAY OF ONLY. Since we did not want to get up super early the next day to go to the brewery, we decided to skip getting passes. We've been to enough breweries to know what goes on at them!

The good news was that Stone had a huge bar and restaurant. So, we stayed for one beer and then headed to dinner in the Gaslamp District of SD. 

Saison for me

IPA for Erik

Scary Gargoyle for everyone

For dinner, we went to Searsucker on a recommendation from a friend. Searsucker's chef is Brian Malarkey from Top Chef!

The Gaslamp District is an area downtown with tons of bars and restaurants. The Gaslamp District was paaaaacked with people this night and we later learned it was UCSD Graduation Weekend. When we got to the restaurant, we realized that it was also packed and bumpin'. 

For dinner, we shared the mushrooms + burrata + toast. 

Then, I had the salmon “skuna bay”

The food was great and service was good. The restaurant was so loud and busy that it was hard to relax and enjoy ourselves. Servers were literally bumping into each other to get around the restaurant. The decor of this restaurant is very rustic and barn-like. However, the music they were playing was modern and so loud. We felt like we were eating in the middle of a club. It seemed to us that the restaurant was having a bit of an identity crisis. 

It was nice to see another part of San Diego and have a delicious dinner. We were happy to get back to our quiet beach town at night though. Go here if you are ready for a party-like dinner experience!

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