Friday, May 3, 2013

Travel Woes

Yesterday was a LONG day of travel. My flight was supposed to leave at 4pm and get me to SF by 6pm. I ended up leaving at 8pm and home by 10pm.

For my original flight, everything was going smoothly. We boarded on time, got all situated on the plane, and then waited. The Captain came on to say that they had to re-install the plane computer software and it would be 20 min. Then, he said it would be an hour. Due to that rule that you have to feed everyone if they are on the plane waiting for over 2 hrs, they deplaned us and passed out food vouchers.

Sitting in the waiting area, they announced we weren't leaving until 7pm. I quickly hopped on the Delta App to see what other flights I could get on. There was one at 7:45. I quickly thought about how that flight could get me home but if the original flight truly left at 7, I would be waiting another 45 min. But....what if my original flight didn't leave at 7 and I was stuck at the airport for even longer. 7:45 it was. I made the switch and moved to the other gate.

My new flight gate quickly became full of passengers on standby from the original flight. SO thankful that I acted fast and rebooked myself rather than waiting on standby!! I felt so bad for some people because the original flight is a connector to SF which went on to Honolulu. Imagine starting your vacation like that or worse, getting to your vacation a day late since you were stuck!? Grrrrr.

I landed at 10pm after sitting on a packed flight for 4 hr and hopped in a cab to get home. I have never been so grateful to be home. Evie greeted me at the door and all was right in the world again.

Glad I won't be doing that trip again for awhile!

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