Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Witch Creek Winery and Carlsbad

We took 101 up to Carlsbad, about 20 min north of Encinitas. We had a beach view for most of the way which was awesome. We went up to Carlsbad so we could go to a winery called Witch Creek Winery. I purely wanted to go because of the name!

First up, another mural on our way in. There were fun murals on the side of literally every building. This one seems pretty deep though...

Witch Creek Winery was an urban tasting room so it was located downtown and not in a vineyard like you might find in Napa. 

A black cat on the menu? Too funny. 

We each had a tasting of five wines. We tried two whites and three reds. We both loved the $40 Cuvee and did not buy anything because we didn't want to ship it home. I can definitely see buying some wine for my Halloween party this year though!

After the winery, we walked by the beach. This beach was jam packed with people and hardly any surfers. 

A nice woman offered to take our photo. Please ignore my crazy hair. haha

After Carlsbad, we headed back. We wanted to try this pizza place called Pizza Port in Solana Beach but it was so packed. We ended up back at the Cardiff Beach Bar again! You can't beat window seats to watch the sunset, good food, and great beer on tap!

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