Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back on the Wagon - Meal Planning

Last week, I got the desire and energy to meal plan and shop for dinners for two weeks. I had a new idea to make double of every dinner so that we would have lunch the next day. Let me just say that it has been working out GREAT this week.

Skinny Taste has provided us with some awesome recipes, yet again. On Monday, we had Chicken Pesto Bake and it was deeeeelish.

Skinny Taste Pic

Better yet, we used the tomatoes from Erik's garden for this dish! We had this with a side of pasta and it was so good for dinner AND lunch.

Tuesday, we had Asian Meatballs with stir fry veggies and brown rice. The lime sesame dressing that goes with this was Soooooooo good.
SkinnyTaste Photo
Wednesday, we had a FAIL in the recipe department. I found this recipe online for Falafel and it sucked. The Falafel fell apart and was flat BUT it was still pretty good.

Thursday, we had Teriyaki Turkey burgers. So good. Grilled pineapple on a burger - yes please! Again, we were able to use Erik's tomato and lettuce. We also made fries out of a big purple potato from his garden!

Meal Planning takes time to look up recipes, come up with a variety of meals to eat, make a detailed list, and shop for it. It makes the evenings go smoothly when no one is going to to the store or asking "whats for dinner?" So glad we did this. Now, to start planning the next two weeks!

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