Sunday, July 7, 2013

Drake's Brewery and a Chupacabra

On Saturday, Erik went surfing and I worked on my "project". Remember I found this table on the street a few weeks ago? Well, yesterday was painting day so I will show you a before and after shot. 

In the afternoon, we went over to Drake's Brewery in San Leandro. The brewery and barrel room are located in the same spot. It was a very industrial building that was no frills but they had a great deck with outdoor seating that worked for us!

What's on tap...

Yesterday was a big day because they were serving some beer called "Aroma Coma" which was an IPA of some sort so I did not have one sip.

I tried the Hefe and also a beer that was a Blonde/Hefe mix aged in an oak barrel. It definitely had a Chardonnay taste to it. Interesting blend!

Erik tried the Aroma Coma and the Ferkin, which who knows what that was. 

For dinner, we went to Little Star in Albany. Albany is a town just north of Berkeley and Little Star is a pizza place that was up the street from our place in SF. The place in SF was always packed and had a line to get in. We went to the Albany location and literally, walked right in. We said that we found the "chupacabra" because this is something very rare!!

Great Saturday and the best part was that we STILL had another day in our weekend left!

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