Thursday, July 18, 2013

Party Time Saturday

Our Saturday started by turning these...
...into this! Delicious banana bread!

 After some errands and Erik surfing, we went out East for our friends son's birthday. He turned 6 and she made this awesome cake for him!

 They also had a huge blow up water slide at the party for the kids, which some adults went on a little later. After the Kids party was over, we had fun playing some drinking games and reliving college. We broke out the beer pong with Kelsey & I won TWICE as a team. Then, we did a few rounds of flip cup and the girls one that again. Woot! Still got it after being out of college all those  years! haha

From instagram this weekend....

We got home and crashed, immediately. We cannot hang or drink that much anymore! haha.

Here's a pic of Evie from the weekend...hiding out. She hates when we cook certain things on the stove. She is afraid the fire alarm will go off and she HATES that noise.

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