Sunday, July 7, 2013

My DIY Project

A few weeks ago, I found this table on the street. I've actually found a lot of great stuff on the street over the past six years including a weight set (that we still use today), books, workout DVD's, and who knows what else. After watching many episodes of Flea Market Flip, it made me start to see how easy it can be for "one mans trash to be another ones treasure."

I found this table on the street one day and decided to pick it up. 

Scratched up and painted a gazillion times but in good shape

I bought a sander to sand off this paint and re-paint. My vision was to make this into a bench with a cushion on top to simply live in our bedroom.



I wished that I didn't try to sand this thing down. I could NOT get all of the paint off. It was painted literally six times and it was not possible. I tested out spray painting a leg and realized it looked fine on a non-sanded area. Oh well, you learn! 

The finished project!

The body is sprayed dark gray and I made the cushion for the top. It looks great! The paint job is not perfect  due to the sanding but it is perfect enough for me. 

Can't wait for the next thing I find on the street to fix up!

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