Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week Rewind

Although I've been trying new recipes, on Wednesday night I made fajitas without a recipe. Fajitas are so easy to make. I used a white onion to make carmelized onions and cooked with sliced peppers and frozen corn. I made grilled chicken strips, shredded cheddar, and mixed it all in a wrap. Yum!

I made more rice using flavored broth but this one wasn't that good. I liked the Thai Ginger one better. 

Check out Evie poised on the ottoman this week. How is that foot placement even comfortable?

We had an exciting Thursday because we went into SF to meet our friend Betsy & Greg's new baby girl! We brought pizza for dinner with us and hung out with the new family for a little while. 

 So cute!
We are so happy for them! They will be great parents. 

On Friday, we re-watched The Social Network movie about Facebook. You know the Winkelvoss Twins who supposedly invented FB before Mark Zuckerberg? Well, they are played by two actors but you only see one of the actors face in the movie. Crazy, right? 
I looked up how they did it and it is pretty nuts. They basically had TWO actors, they both had to play both parts, and they placed the face of the chosen actor to be shown in the film (Armie Hammer) on the second actor. Check it out HERE

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