Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beer Tasting in Wine Country

On Saturday, Erik and I headed out to Livermore to have dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant - The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards.  We thought maybe we'd stop by another winery to do a tasting before dinner but instead I looked up breweries in the area. I found two small breweries offering tastings. Whattttt? We had no idea what we were getting into when we pulled up, but we were pleaseantly surprised. 

First, Altamont Brewing Co. We walked in to a rowdy tasting room, just like at a winery!

$5 for 5 tastings. We bought one tasting since they were mostly IPA's. The beer was pretty good but the tasting room was full of younger kids and it was a little crazy in there. We were not allowed to buy a pint and you couldn't taste the same beer twice. So, after tasting, we moved on to a second brewery that we found .

These tasting rooms were in little warehouse type settings and it was nothing fancy by any means. We liked Working Man Brewing Co.better than the first spot. The brewers were there and it was a cooler place. 

Tasting paddle

$4 for 4 tastings AND we got a tour of the little one room brewery

Here is a contraption the brewers made to grind the grain and send it into the tank

Holding tanks for fermentation

On the Tour

The Brewer gave everyone a taste of beer that was "in the works" and not quite ready yet. 

Oohhhh Beer!

After our tastings, we went to Wente for dinner and it was out of this world. I've said it before - best food and service we've ever had at a restaurant. We used a gift card my parents gave us for our wedding anniversary, too!

To start, we had a squash appetizer and shared a melon/tomato salad.
 For dinner, I had the Walu fish and Erik had steak. 

Checkout the sunset on the ride home. Such a fun afternoon!

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