Monday, July 29, 2013

Renegade Craft Fair and Frances

On Sunday, we went to our favorite fair of the year, the Renegade Craft Fair. Erik picked up two tshirts and a guitar 

Birthday cupcake earrings : pink sprinkle vanilla cupcake - food jewelry
I didn't get anything but saw two cute shops there including Inedible Jewelry. Check out those super cute cupcake earrings. 

We also LOVED this print. Doesn't that look like me and Evie in the boat?It's by Jillian Nickell.  I have no clue where I would put this in the house but I love it so much. I might just buy it on her Etsy shop and figure out a spot for it later. 

After the fair, we went to dinner at FrancesFrances is a hot SF restaurant that has been open for a little while but we finally just got a reservation. The restaurant is tucked onto 17th street in the Castro. Awhile back, when we were still living in SF, Evie and I found this restaurant on one of our walks.It is a small restaurant and the tables were pretty tight together. 

The food was pretty good. Here's what we had - 

  • Smoked Bacon Beignets - Maple Chive Crème Fraîche
  • Panisse Frites - Chickpea Fritters, Meyer Lemon, Smoked Chili Aioli
  • Bodega King Salmon - White Corn, Polenta, Lobster Mushroom, Salmon ‘Chowder'
  • Golden Nectarine & Blackberry Trifle - Nectarine Gelee, Lime Curd, Toasted Almond Macaron
Great dinner. Would I try hard to get a reservation to go back? No. Glad we went and enjoyed it though. 

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