Thursday, July 11, 2013

Purple Potatoes and a Raccoon Visitor

Our week started off by getting THIS in the mail....BLAH!!

I have to call in starting on 8/5 and see if I have to drive over there and show up for jury duty. 

Erik grew some PURPLE potatoes. I THINK these are the variety of potatoes although we don't live in South America so I'm not sure. They tasted like regular potatoes though and I made them into mashed for dinner. Delicious & fun to eat. 

We also have a visitor in our neighborhood -- a raccoon that comes out in DAYLIGHT. Our neighbor leaves food out for her cat on her porch. This raccoon goes up and eats it! We've seen him in the driveway just walking around. He is not scared of us, at all, which is scary!!

See him up there?

Erik went out to see him and the raccoon just looked at him like, Hey what's up!?

He looked at Erik and then just went back to eating the cat food. He eventually waddled away. He doesn't look rabid, just looks like he is comfortable with everyone and is hungry. I thought about calling animal control but I don't want it to be a big scene with them capturing him and putting him to sleep. I guess if he tries to attack us, then we'll call. 

Chickens, goats, and now raccoons....Life is different in Berkeley!!

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