Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bigfoot Museum

We both had Friday off so we went down to Santa Cruz and Davenport. We stumbled upon this Bigfoot Museum a few years ago when we got lost in SC. I vowed we'd be back and we finally went. 

First of all, you had to ring a doorbell to get into this "museum". It was literally two rooms and I honestly think we were in someone's house--the owner must live in the back in the house or something. Of course, this older guy with a big white beard answered the door and let us in. 

"Skulls" found in China 

Memorbilia from Harry & the Hendersons. Remember that show!? Seriously, it made me scared of Bigfoot back in 1987. 

Footprints that have apparently been found...

I'm pretty sure we were in there for a total of three minutes. We were joking that the owner seemed like a guy that you could've talked to for hours if you wanted to really get into it with him. We were saying that he would probably show you the "good stuff" if you asked him aka, Bigfoot fur in some back room that he has. hahaha

We also made a pit stop at the Home Brew shop for supplies....

Then, we had lunch at the Seabright Brewery. We would not recommend this place. The service was horrible  and the food was just OK. 

Next, onto Davenport...

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