Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well yesterday was my first day without Marla & I was bored!! I sat around and went downtown to pick up a perscription. There was a Palestine/Israel/Gaza protest/march going on down there. Last night, I stayed home and watched TLC. I love watching TLC on Fridays. However.....I did tell people in 2009, I will try to go out every OTHER Friday. We'll see....

So, the last weekend off before going back to work. I have enjoyed sleeping in and having no real schedule. We are going to lay low for the next few weeks. In November & December, we spent a lot of money, ate out a lot, went out a lot, etc. Today, we hiked Buena Vista with Evie. She was running and going craaaazy. Erik is now making tomato soup from a cookbook he got from Kimmy for Christmas. It smells good! Tonight, we are going to make stuffed shells & just have a bottle of wine.

Tomorrow... I am hoping to go to the deYoung to see the Yves St. Laurant exhibit. It is FREE this weekend for Bank of America customers. Check out what museums are free in your city, Here.

However, the deYoung is FREE for Bank of America customers this weekend!

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