Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cleaning out & Noodle Time

On Saturday morning, I got the urge to clean out the closets. I reorganized my closet, chose clothes to give away, and made room for Erik's stuff. We made his small closet be the dresses/coats/bags/beer stuff closet and mine will hold the clothes for both of us. It worked out really well and we ended up with FOUR bags of clothes to give away and a bunch of stuff to put in storage.

After cleaning the closets and the apartment, I drove out to Oakland to have lunch with my friend TIffany. We met up at Burma Superstar for delicious Fiery Chicken & Tofu and Superstar Noodles.

After coming back to SF, I dropped those bags off at Goodwill so they didn't sit in the car for weeks. Felt good to clean out & donate!

For dinner, we  picked up our friends Betsy & Greg and headed to a new restaurant in the Mission - Mau. It is a Vietnamese restaurant and it was really good. It's a great spot to stop in for some Pho or noodles.

Erik had the Pho Ga (poached chicken with rice noodles in ginger-chicken broth) and I had the BUN GA NUONG (lemongrass chili chicken, vermicelli noodles). Both were very good & we would totally go back to this place!

After dinner, we went to this divey bar The Lone Palm for some beers.

We went out at 6pm and were home by 10pm. We were joking how times have definitely changed from being younger and staying out late. My favorite line of the night was when we were leaving, Greg said, "Well the bar is crowded now so that's our cue to leave!" haha

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