Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

 Last night, we celebrated our friend Kelsey for her birthday! We started the night off at OSHA Thai in the Mission- love that place & their food! Erik had the Volcano Beef, which is this fun dish and I had the usual Pad Thai. We also brought a bottle of sparkling wine to kick off the night!

 Somehow this mustache is making a come back and I don't understand whyyyyyyy haha

 We moved onto a bar that is normally  not our scene because we thought it would be a fun party bar for the birthday girl. We went to Butter which had quite the mix of music and people including a woman walking around with Jello shots. Haven't been in a bar like that in a few years. haha

 After Butter, we went to Holy Cow "Night Club" that had a DJ and some tables so we made our own little dance party. There were a lot of people here and we realized, that this is where the people who live outside the city come to party. You will see tons of traffic coming into SF on Fri and Sat night, and this is where they are all going! Another side to SF that we uncovered.

As we all know, we were home at 10pm last Saturday night so this was quite a departure from our usual nights out but we are happy to go out late night and parrrty. I have to say, I think as you get older you party wiser. A few drinks, some water, and go home to bed = not feeling like crap that night or the next day.

We heart Kelsey and hope she had a great birthday!!!

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