Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend & Rockridge

This weekend was pretty laid back and we got a lot done. On Friday, we stayed in and Erik did some brewing. It was our first Friday since June that we did not have to go to bed early to get up and run or had plans of some sort. 

On Saturday, we ran, I got my hair done, and Erik surfed. We also went to the movies to see Cloud Atlas. 

This was an interesting but strange movie. I'm pretty sure it was about past lives. haha. What was cool was that there were only a few main actors who kept changing their look throughout different parts of the movie. 

On Sunday, we had a fun day. We went out to the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland to check it out. We drove around and then met up with our friends Andrea & Carrie. They just moved to Rockridge after living in SF for over 10 years!! 

Rockridge was SO cute! Erik and I both loved it. The main street there is College Ave and is filled with restaurants, shops, and open markets.
 We met up with our friends and had lunch at Southie. Their tagline is "East Coast Mentality. West Coast Sensibility." We had delicious sandwiches and salads for lunch. We strolled College Ave stopping at an old school candy store and checking out what the street had to offer. 
We also stopped into a bar, Ben & Nick's, for a beer. They have a lot of beers on tap and our friends said they really like that place. Well, we walked in there around 2 or 3pm and didn't leave until 7pm!! haha. Lunch turned into Sunday Funday but it was really fun. 

It was really a great weekend. We got to catch up on errands, see a movie, and check out a part of Oakland.

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