Saturday, November 17, 2012

Welcome, Rain!

The rain has started. It's officially the rainy season and we are getting quite the dose this weekend. It started raining on Friday and it is still raining. We did not end up going to that Barbie show and stayed home. We made homemade pizza and had a delicious bottle of Zinfandel. You too can enjoy this wine for a whopping $8.99 at your local Trader Joe's!

We also watched some of Arrested Development, which I haven't fallen in love with yet. Although Jason Bateman makes the show! (Wink*)

I also noticed that there are Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel already. I love this channel & their cheesy movies. I used to be very hard core about no Christmas until Thanksgiving but I can't help taping (aka DVR'ing) these and sneaking a peek.

We are going to get the Christmas decorations from storage next weekend, which will be an adventure in itself since that unit is busting at the seams. haha. Some people go cut down a tree and curse as they try to tie it to the roof, we do the same pulling the tree out of storage. haha

There are two things I realllly want  to do this weekend or next. One is get a holiday wine glass at Pier 1

Two is make this wreath! It's at Pier 1 for $65 but I'm pretty sure I can make it for maybe $20.

Since we didn't get the October decorations up, we have to make a serious effort for Christmas. I think I might make a run to Target today, just to beat the crowds and get my Toys for Tots toy before the big rush next weekend.

Have a nice weekend!

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