Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mexican Food and Surfboards

This week has been pretty busy at work and on Wednesday, we headed out to the East Bay for meetings. I was up so early and left at 7am to get out there. I was so tired by 4pm but we had a team dinner last night since a coworker is in town visiting from another office.

We went to Dona Tomas in Oakland. This restaurant was on Telegraph Ave and was in the Mission-like neighborhood of SF. Lots of restaurants and shops!

We ordered a bunch of things to share but I stuck with the chicken tortilla soup, which was delish! I was so tired and had been on the go for so long, I needed something light so I could go home and go to bed!

In other news, Erik finished shaping that surfboard he was working on. He dropped it off at Sunset Shapers for them to glass it. Can't wait to see the finished project! He wants to get some more blanks to create another board. HUGE reason why we loved the outdoor space our friends have at their Rockridge apartment - area to shape surfboards!!

This weekend is looking to be another fun one. Oh and we just realized THANKSGIVING is in two weeks. When did it suddenly become the holidays!?!

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