Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Cookie Time!

While I was home yesterday, I had the urge to make chocolate chip cookies. I used this recipe to make them and they came out great. I also made cookies WITHOUT chips because I don't really care for chocolate. I especially hate eating chocolate chips and having them stick in your teeth. Ick!

Well these photos came out like glowing yellow from my iphone flash but oh well. I made some plain, some with toffee bits, and some with chocolate chips for Erik.

We are supposed to get MORE rain tonight and tomorrow. I really need to get some new rain boots if this is going to keep up. This year, I am going for the big guns - Hunter Boots:

I have had really cutesy rain boots with whales and polka dots on them.They do NOT withstand the weather very well. They are not that thick and tend to split which equals wet feet. These are like official rain boots which will be very helpful when I need to be outside with Evie, in the rain!

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