Sunday, November 25, 2012

Exploring New Places Day!

 Here is how we had day 2 of leftovers - salad with turkey, stuffing, and a little gravy mixed in. Yum!
 On Saturday, I took Evie up to the Presidio to take a walk. It was so nice out and we love going to the Presidio. There are SO many different areas to explore and we always find the coolest stuff up there. This time, we went up to the Letterman area (next to the Marina district) to see what we could find. This is where Dixie Restaurant is, a Starbucks, Lucas Films, and of course, the Yoda statue!
 We did find this little pond and sitting area...

 She definitely would've hopped in the water if I let her.
We found this cool, old building that looked like it was a Power Plant. It is definitely not in use now. Some windows were exposed so I checked it out through the broken glass. It looked like they just decided to one day leave the building and left office equipment there. After seeing many episodes of Walking Dead, I half expected a Zombie to jump out and get me. haha!

 Creeeepy inside the Power Plant

 We headed back over towards the Thoreau Center and Lucas Films on our way back to the car.
 She is allowed "unlimited on-leash activity" and took full advantage of it. Here she is running around like a madman.

 Here is a statue that she was BARKING at. haha

 I went home and tried to figure out what happened to that Power Plant but couldn't find anything. I did read up on the hospital that used to be up in the Presidio. It closed in the 90's and is now apartments. The hospital opened in 1898 and serviced military men during each of the wars. There were many Sailors that came into the hospital, died, and were buried in the Presidio. If the sailors didn't have family or money to be sent home, they buried them. Very crazy to think we might be walking on a marine cemetary, since it looks like the cemetary wasn't kept it up and was built upon.
Nurses work with a room full of men in hospital gowns that are spending time learning how to use weaving machines and other crafts at a table in a large well-lit room.

For dinner, we headed up to Marin Brewing Company in Larkspur with Betsy & Greg.

 It was packed but we had a beer while we waited. They had quite a few beers on tap to try. We ate a lot at dinner including:

Small Veggie Pizza for appetizer

Onion Rings

Teriyaki turkey burger and fries

Erik had Fish & Chips

I think we are officially on diets until Christmas. haha. Fun dinner with good friends and it was fun to try a new location!

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