Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pouring Rain

Today I had to work from home because our Property Mgmt came through to look at all of the apartments and install carbon monoxide detectors. Instead of bringing Evie to camp for their ten minute visit, I was able to be home and just take her out while they came through.

It was POURING for half of the day.

Our corner was flooded and I was afraid the water was going to get into the car parked on the corner.

Thankfully, I got Evie out during a light rain and a break in the rain . It was a nice morning to be home though & not have to deal with the commute! This also means Evie has been by my side alllll day :-)

Last night for dinner, we had a yummy, healthy dinner bowl:
Sweet Potatos
with a light lemony sauce over it

Sooooo good. Sooooo happy to have had leftovers for lunch too!

This week is pretty calm - no big plans . December will be so busy so it's nice to just relax. This weekend is the Lollipop 5K with Girls on the Run. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain on Saturday!!

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