Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving Week

This has been a short and busy week! I completely broke the holiday rule of not watching any Christmas movies before Thanksgiving on Sunday. Hallmark has the Christmas movies on non-stop so how could I resist!?

On Monday, Amy and I went to dinner at A16 and had a HORRIBLE meal.

At least the company was good! We had horrendous service. Our server took a long time to come see us, didn't come back after we received our appetizer, and we only saw him again for the check. We had to wave the Manager over to order dinner and neither of us enjoyed our meals. They were very bland. Thankfully, they took one of them off the check and we also had a 30% off coupon so our meal was pretty cheap for the experience. I am NEVER going back to this place!

On Tuesday, I made the trek to the grocery store for Thanksgiving and some regular groceries. The store was busy & the store was out of a lot of things such as pie crust! Oh well, got in and out relatively unscathed.

Tonight, I got to see my friend Sarah who I haven't seen since her wedding a few weeks ago. We went to Bin 38 for wine and cheese.

Then, I stopped into a different Safeway for those pie crusts. Success! Found a full shelf.

We are having dinner at home in SF this year. We ordered a turkey from Andronico's and are making some sides. Might see some friends later in the day. Should be a chill day!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!

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