Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Overcoming the Stuffing

I am still feeling stuffed from the weekend. I just feel so blahhhhh and full. This is a major decision point because when you fee like this you can either say A)Ehhh it's the holidays and I'm going to be overeating until New Years or B)Workout. Get back on track. and do your best through the holidays.

I'm going for B. 

I want to credit FREE workout videos on You Tube for quick workouts this holiday season, especially Jillian Michaels. No excuses that you "don't have the DVD." because you can find so many of these workouts on the internet! 

This might be counter productive but Erik and I signed up for the Jingle Beer Run - a fun 5K that one of my old TNT coaches started a few years ago. This is the first time we will be able to join in.

I found this great article about "Ways to Recover from a Food Coma" and it is really helpful!!

In other news, today marks six months that Erik and I have been married. Woohoo! Ahhh our wedding was so fun!

Ok here's to keeping on track with the eating, workouts, and keeping that holiday stress level low!

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