Friday, November 9, 2012

Old Friday, Old Evie

Today started bright and early for me by leaving the house around 6:45 AM while Erik had the day off and got to sleeeeep in!

I headed out to Danville (East Bay) for a conference for the Network of Executive Women. My company is a sponsor of this organization and today was the fall networking event. It started at 8am and ran until 3pm.
Network of Executive Women

We were seated randomly and were able to meet a lot of different people from different companies. There was also an amazing speaker, Eileen McDargh, who led the morning and afternoon session. The morning session was all about making your career fit your authentic self - what do you love to do in your life and how do you incorporate that into your job?

My coworkers and I went to lunch at Blackhawk Grille and then returned for the afternoon session. The afternoon was all about leadership qualities to employ both in your life and at work. This one was also really great. I think we all left so inspired with some new contacts! One thing I love about my company is that they really value training and educating their employees to grow & challenge them. The other great thing about this conference? These awesome goody bags we got!

I got home around 4:30 and took Evie out and up to Buena Vista Park. This is one of her favorite parks but we haven't been able to go into it lately because it is dark at 5pm!! Today, we walked around the park and went into the sand pit area where she typically runs around. She hasn't been running really since her surgery but today, I got a glimpse of "Old Evie", running around in the dirt and digging like a madman!

Here's hoping that when we go for X-rays next week, we are a little closer to the 100% better mark!!

We soaked up the sunshine today & just sat in the park for a little while. She is perfectly content to sit & watch people walk by...

After we got home, Erik decided to go out with the Surfing Crew for dinner and drinks. I think they were also meeting up with a famous surfer(?) but I will have to report back on that. Evie and I had one of our "old Friday nights" aka just the two of us. Erik and I LOVE each other but it's also fun to chill separately!

Is this not the perfect Friday night dinner PLUS a Kardashian special, Long Island Medium, and Glee on the DVR? After a long day & week, it suuuuuure was!! 

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