Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Mill & More Exploring

We both woke up today TOTALLY STUFFED from dinner. Ughhhhh. Like a weight in your stomache. We went for a walk to this new, makeshift coffee spot in our area. It is slowly becoming a little place called The Mill, but for now it is plywood and some adaptable employees! 

They make their own bread and it is delicious. Erik got a huge, thick piece of toast with cinnamon & sugar on it. Last week, his toast had honey & butter on it. SO good.

 After coffee, we went to Lowe's to get some Christmas lights. Can you believe our pre-lit tree is only half pre-lit now?? We finished the tree and decorations when we got home and then got those storage containers back into the storage unit.

We brought Evie back up to the Presidio for another walk. I wanted to find the Log Cabin that I have heard about but never seen. It is a venue where you can have weddings & parties. It doesn't seem to have any historical significance but it was fun to find.

We also wandered around to the Fort Winfield Scott fields and let Evie run around.

 Found another old building but nothing exciting inside
The fog was rolling in...

Erik made us homemade soup when we got home. We watched Bad 25, the Spike Lee documentary about Michael Jackson which was good!
Also got my first viewing of Home Alone in. Nice way to end our four days off!

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Caitlin said...

The Mill looks soo cute! and i LUV big, fat slaps of cinnamon bread! great that u had a fun post-turkey day. :)