Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls on the Run!

Yesterday, I did something reallllly fun. I joined a group of 5th grade girls for a practice run with Girls on the Run! This year for their bi-annual Lollipop Run, I am going to be a running buddy for one of the girls. I am so excited! I have wanted to do this for awhile now and this is the first year I am able to join in.

We went down to Duboce Park and were paired up with our girls. We had to run around the park six times for a total of three miles. The girls were super cute and it was a combo of running and walking. I learned that my buddy doesn't have a TV, loves to read, was Peter Pan for halloween, and likes home made pasta.

Can't wait for the Lollipop Run on December 1st to complete the race!

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