Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lake Tahoe 2013

We just got home from a long weekend in Tahoe and it was so much fun!

We left on Thursday after work and got to Tahoe around midnight. Thank God for Erik driving because I would've fallen asleep at the wheel! Now that we live in the East Bay, we did not have to deal with crossing the Bay Bridge out of SF before getting on 80. That took 10 miles off the trip and who knows how long. Can take 15 min or an hour to cross the bridge sometimes! 

We went to the same house we went to last Labor Day. It's awesome because you can walk to the lake! We can also bring Evie which is perfect!

On Friday, we grabbed breakfast at the Java Hut - a quick place to get bagels and coffee. Then, went over to the lake to lounge on the beach. It is so beautiful there. It was nice to just sit on the beach and relax. 

After the beach, I really wanted to drive to the NV/CA state line. I thought it would be fun to "stand in two states at once." We drove up to the line which was literally a mile from the beach. All that was there was this sign so it wasn't THAT exciting. haha. 

For dinner, we went to the Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co for dinner. 

Ahi nachos - yum!

We tried some of their beers and they were good. Our server was also super nice so we liked him a lot. 

There were some great views at the beach across the street from the brewery so we snapped some shots. 

So pretty!

When we got home, we went to get Evie so we could take her to the lake. 

We brought her down to the lake when we knew no one would be there so she could run around (on her long leash). She loved running in the water and the sand. She literally romps and frolicks in the water - it's hilarious. 

Great day in Tahoe!

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