Thursday, November 20, 2008


I got up and ran another 1.5 miles today. I will have to start doing 2 loops next week. Then, I can just do 2 loops and try to get better at doing 3 miles before the 5K.

Yesterday, I kept my food/calorie log. By 5pm, I was starving. I said to Cristin, when you are trying to lose weight, do you have to starve? She said, yes! That is why people on diets are always in bad moods. I think an easy way to snack is to eat vegetables during the day....

Anyway, its 55 and foggy here today. Blah. I am working from home which is always great. I have to go to Petco(where the pets go) today. I also want to go to Target to get 2 gifts I need down there. I saw the Target ad that will be coming out for next you want it? it has goooood stuff in it. Here is the front page. Get excited!

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