Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Bailout

To add to my rant on the Detroit automakers, how about the fact that the 3 big CEO's took PRIVATE JETS to DC to cry poor to the government about their companies. Maybe if they didn't buy jets that cost $35MM in the first place or pay $20K in gas to get to DC, their companies would be better off. MAYBE if the CEO's didnt take $16M bonus every year, the company would be doing better. MAYBE if they had thought hybrid and smaller, they would be in a better place. I know Obama is in favor of bailing these idiots out, but right now, I am not. Teach these corporate AHOLEs a lesson!!!


Sarah said...

I totally agree with you, BUT if we don't bail them out, this economy is going to go from bad to worse. There will be SOO many jobs lost. Its a really scare time right now!!

Moonlady said...

I believe the capitalist system - if they did not do a good job with their product, they should be allowed to fail. the problem is that so many people would be out of work and there are other peripheral businesses that would also fail.
I think these CEO's should give back their ridiculous pay to the company they drove to the ground by making an inferior product. they, not us, should pay for the bailout. which, by the way, will happen - I think Obama might have made promises to the Michigan governor in return for her support.