Monday, November 24, 2008

Mouthguard, finally

Well, I went for my 'fitting' for my mouthguard today. It is basically this bulky, hard plastic retainer type thing for my top set of teeth. The dentist kept putting in & out of my mouth, marking it, shaving it down...Then, he had to put this NASTY goo on it. You know what a nail salon smells like - acrylic nail powder? That is what it smelled like and TASTED like. He put it in and it burned my tongue and went down my throat a little. YUCK. I tried to think of people in worse situations other than my own for those 2 minutes. Now, I am the proud owner of a very expensive mouthguard that I will wear at night to hopefully stop the grinding & the pressure on my gums so I don't have to pay like $50,000 for new teeth in 10 years!!

1 comment:

Moonlady said...

you are too funny !
you could have bought a soft plastic one at the drugstore...