Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evie - On Thin Ice

If Evie is not exercised like someone training for the Olympics, she is full of energy. The problem is that its dark at 5pm. There are hardly any dogs in the park to run around with, she can't be off leash(but she runs on her looong one), if you walk her its not enough, if you run with her its not enough. We can't take her to camp daily because 1)too expensive 2)too far away to drive down & back with work.

So - I am stuck with a dog who is a looney toon. Every night at 8pm, she loses her shit. She is barking and jumps. You take out a toy, she ignores it bc she just wants to wrestle with you. I take her to the parking lot and throw a stick for her b/c the only place she will play with the stick is in the lot, not the park(weird).

Today, I threatened her that I would take her to the SPCA. I said this to her. I dont' think she understood. I told her if she wasn't good, Santa won't come. No response.

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