Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Year

It has been one year since moved to SF. This past weekend, I said to Erik, can you believe it has been a year since we were driving across the country. Yes, the 3 of us packed into the Civic and drove across the country. It seems so long ago yet I also can't believe it's been a year.


The Great Plains

This weird Buffalo Bill museum in Utah

Last Dunkin Donuts for a looong time

Dog is my co-pilot

Things have changed over the year but also stayed the same. Erik got a job & joined a hockey team, I ran a half-marathon, & Evie made so many doggie friends. I remember this time last year, it took us like hours to find the grocery store and shop because we had no idea how to get around nor did we know what to buy. Now it takes 30 mins and we go with menu and shopping list in hand.

Team In Training

Emerald Bay 12K


I was scared to let Evie play with dogs in the park & now she knows most of them and goes out to say hello and play. She also loves her camp and knows everyone there.

Santa Cruz - 4th of July

I remember saying, no one ever looks familiar here. We will never know anyone here. And, now we do. We know dog owners, and people from Team in Training, people from work, and people in the neighborhood. When I go across the street to the coffee shop, I can stop to pet the dogs and chat with the owners. It's funny how even people you see on your bus every day are a familiar face even though you've never spoken!

17 Mile Drive - Monterey

We have all grown closer too. The first 3 mos were so hard - Erik and I living together, Erik living with a dog, the three of us in our little apartment. Then, it got easier. We got a routine. We learned our way around, we got comfortable in our neighborhood. Evie got used to us & trusts us and listens better(sometimes). We know the places we like to go and don't like to go. We know how long it takes to get places. We know what the weather will be like, where the cheap gas is, best nail place, and our favorite sushi place.

So onto year two. There is so much more to explore, and things to see in the city, state, this side of the country. More people to meet and places to go. At least starting this year, we are all set.

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