Sunday, November 16, 2008


Lately, there are just some days when I feel like, I wish I was home. Home was easier. Home we had more friends and people around. Of course, we have friends here. But, when they aren't around, there is no Mom & Dad's house to go hang out at. I do think it is because we've been here one year, the holidays are coming, etc. I haven't felt like this in an entire year. We have a lot of visitors in the next 2 mos though - Kimmy, Dad, Maharla, & Sarah. Yippeeeee.

Anyway, on Friday, Evie and I chilled. We did that walk in GGP, went to Safeway, watched TLC. I love to hate that show 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Do you ever watch that show? I'm sure my opinions could change when it is my turn to get married but I cannot believe those girls pay that much for a wedding dress. They walk into that NYC store with budgets of $4K, $6K, no budget. I mean, the 'cheap' dresses are $2K. I cannot imagine that. When I watch that show, it makes me want an empire waist dress that is NOT strapless and has minmal beading and minimal CRAP on it. Something that I am not tugging at for 10 hours. Oh, and costs like less than $1,000. I think I might be getting my dress at J.Crew.

JCREW $395

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Moonlady said...

I think the show is about a high echelon, high couture store. But a decent dress at David's bridal shop is probably at least 1K. I say, why not, - how many weddings does one have in one lifetime. One is enough. Oh, and there is still the reception - that should be around 20K.