Friday, November 14, 2008

Only in SF

Here in SF, we see a lot of random stuff & people of all walks of life. Here are two:

1. Every morning, this perfectly normal looking woman walks from her house into our park. She walks right up to the big statue in the middle of the park, sits down, and smokes weed. This morning, she must have been smoking some good herb because I could smell it from the second we hit the edge of the park.

2. After work, Evie and I took a long walk into Golden Gate Park. GGP in itself is like a small town & there is always something different going on in every corner. So, we walked through and there was a group of people playing instruments, drums, and people dancing. People were just sitting on the hill watching & listening. Evie and I just sat down too, watching everyone. And, I thought...only in SF.

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Moonlady said...

Wow ---
Only in SF does a perfectly normal woman go to a public park, smoke weed and not get arrested.
I don't think you can even drink wine at a park here.