Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have known this forever, but it is really coming together in my head that if you eat a lot of calories and do not work out - you gain weight. I have never had to worry about this in my life and suddenly I do because I am no spring chicken anymore and my metabolism is slowing down. That means my jeans fit tighter.

I can not just have a goal of 'be fit' because I won't do anything. I have to have a specific goal like - burn 500 calories per day. That is not hard. I think the food thing is less of an issue that exercise.

I went on this site and did a calculation to see how many calories I get per day and I should only eat 1500!! That is nothing. Wah. Anyway, I finally am understanding what those magazines mean when they say keep a food journal. I could definitely see myself having one & marking down the calories next to everything - then you know if you are in your range.

Counting calories is like a budget for your body!!

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