Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save Detroit

I think it is completely, utterly, ridiculous that the 'Big 3' are going under and begging the Federal Govt for $25BILLION dollars. It is not the consumers fault that GM kept making huge, gas guzzing Tahoes for the past few years when gas prices were up and no one could afford gas let alone to buy a car. Instead of realizing we have an energy crisis and looking into alternative fuel and hybrid, smaller cars, they just kept out pumping out the huge cars. They are stupid & should have made changes 2 years ago. I know that if GM goes under, then car prices go up and imports come flooding in but I think these companies need to start learning a lesson!! What's next - will groceries stores start begging for money, how about clothing stores? Did Mervyn's call the gov't? No. They filed bankruptcy and closed stores.

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