Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dog Training & Weekend

We went to the training class on Saturday in Berkeley. Erik is the one doing the class with Evie. I tried to just stand out of the way but she was whimpering so I had to go sit in the car. She was really good with the instructors so we can stay in the class. Well, actually, if something were to happen during Class 3, we can't stay. So, for now, we are in.

On Saturday, It rained again. Not as hard as last week though. We went to sports basement and went out to lunch at Flippers. I love Flippers. We watched Sweeney Todd, too. I love that movie. Johnny Depp is the best and all of the singing is just so good.

Today, I did more parties. The kids seem to have very interesting names. Today, I had a 'Cloda' and "Mave'. Both girls.

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