Sunday, November 16, 2008


Saturday was sooo much fun. Fri - Sun it was ike 75 degrees out! On Saturday, we took Evie to training in Berkeley. Then, Erik took me out to lunch. Then, we went sneaker shopping on Haight St for Erik but I ended up getting a pair of flats for 60% off. Then, we took a nap and finished the day at a bar with our friends, Betsy & Greg.

Today, Erik and I did a beach cleanup with Surfriders. We helped to clean up Ocean Beach. There was some pretty random stuff on the beach like socks, among the bottle caps and plastic wrap.

Plastic water bottles should be banned. Seriously. We have Brita pitchers, nalgene bottles, etc. Just use the faucet and fill up your bottle. Also, ladies, plastic tampons do NOT go in the toilet. They go in the trash. We picked up a few of those, too and that is gross & hurtful to the ocean!

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