Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back at the Track

On Saturday AM, I biked over to the Kezar Track to run. I wanted to try sprints to help train for my 5K on February 5th. I haven't run on a track in so long. It's different running on a track than through a neighborhood. You can see what lies before you and how much more you have to run.
Ready to go in my new sneakers. Love this color combo this year of light blue & orange!

I ran a few 400's and it took me 2:30. In HS, we had to run two laps under 4 mins so I definitely would have failed that yesterday!

 Then, I ran a few laps of sprint the straight aways, jog the curves. I can tell you that I feel those sprints in my quads, hamstrings, and abs today. Wasn't expecting that but happy to have worked those areas! Then, I ran another slow mile around the track. It was my first time running outside in awhile so I wanted to just see how I felt. I also timed myself running a 100 yd and it took about :20. I used to run this in the 14's back in HS! Oh well....

The weather was amazing yesterday! Sunny, in the 60's, and I was out running in a tank top. I was HOT. I had fun down at the track and will definitely go back next week. Also, biking to the track was an added bonus and easy way to get there and home.

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Krissy said...

This track workout makes me so jealous of your weather! I would love being in Cali to be able to run outdoors year round. I am such a baby for the cold, so the treadmill is my buddy in the winter and I hate it!