Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Violets of March

Just finished my third book in about two weeks - The Violets of March. I think I read this in three days. Another book that I LOVED. How exciting it is to find one book after another that I truly loved reading. You know how sometimes you find that one book that is great and then can't find a good follow up? Well, these three did not let me down.

This is a great book about an intertwined love story that actually spans decades. When Emily's marriage ends in NY, she heads west to Bainbridge Island to spend time alone and with her Aunt. She discovers old family secrets and meets new friends in order to heal her heart and perhaps broken hearts of decades ago.

So so so good. I almost missed my bus stop reading this!! I can't wait to read Sarah Jio's next book...Bungalow. I also want to visit Bainbridge Island after reading this book!

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