Sunday, January 15, 2012

Massage Sunday

Today, I went for an hour massage at Dryad Bodywork and Massage. I was actually sore from those sprints on Saturday so this was a perfect day to go. Siannan was the massage therapist and was great!

After the relaxing massage, we went to...IKEA. I know. Can you believe we actually went there again? I'm convinced that store is out of stock on things so that you are forced to go back 800x before you have everything you need. For example, we had the top of Erik's new desk but went back today for the legs. We purchased an ottoman but they were out of the cover that we wanted. Grrrrrr. I am done going there for a loooooong time!

Evie and I are all packed up tonight because we are going away tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to go away for work but fortunately for her, she gets to go to camp. I really hate traveling for work. Even if they sent me to San Diego or the Caribbean every time, I still wouldn't like it. TOmorrow is also a holiday & my office is closed but I will be traveling. :-('s to a good week!

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