Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wedding Registry

After I hit the track and Erik went surfing, we moved on to our big task of the day...completing our wedding registry at Macy's. We had an appointment at 2pm with our consultant and we did not leave Macy's until 5pm. Yes, 3 hours in Macy's.

It was actually a really good experience to meet with our consultant because she showed us a a lot and helped us quite a bit. She helped us pick out dishes, serving plates, wine glasses, and flatware. We had no idea how complicated this could be. We had no idea what the difference was among the plates so we were grateful that we had some help.
She also pointed us to her favorite towels, sheets, and bedding which was great.

At one point, we took a break for a snack in the Macy's cellar where are there are a bunch of places to eat. When we left Macy's, we were SO tired. Who knew picking out dishes, towels, and sheets would be so difficult & exhausting!

We came home and crashed. We had dinner and then watched a good movie called Bottle Shock. It is a film from 2008 that showcases the rise of Napa Valley and California wines. We both really liked this movie and can't wait to go to the winery featured in the film.

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