Thursday, January 19, 2012


The Kindle is really an awesome tool. I love love love it & can't stop reading. I read The Lost Wife & finished that last week. Such a wonderful story. I just read & finished When We Were Strangers. Loved it.

This book is about an Italian woman who comes to the US, in the late 19th century via boat. She arrives in Cleveland to meet her cousin, but when she can't find him, she must survive on her own. I loved hearing the story about how she fought to get where she was, the people she met along the way, and how she found the confidence to believe in herself and move forward with life.

She moves through the US and eventually comes to San Francisco, which was fun to read about. She talks about the different neighborhoods and how a friend "works for Mr. Levi on Battery St". Well, Levi's corporate is still on Battery St here in SF! Highly recommend both of these books!

The next book I'm going to start today is....The Violets of March. Has great reviews on Amazon! The only bad thing about the Kindle is that I think my book spending is going to increase about 75% this year. haha


Taralyn said...

I got a Kindle last year to go to Africa, but since I always borrow books from the library I couldn't justify increasing my book spending. So I used it for that trip and then not too much after. Then a few months ago, the library started lending Kindle books. Life. Changing. I always have a handful of books sitting on my kindle ready to be read and I haven't spent a dime on them! Check it out. It's amazing!

Taralyn said...

And are you on goodreads? I keep track of my books on there. You can rate them and give reviews. I know I don't use all the social networking things it offers, but it seems like it would be up your alley.

Heather M said...

Thanks for the tip but I looked at our library selection & it's not very good. None of the books on my list are up there :-(

Taralyn said...

bummer! Maybe give it some time? They had e-books but not Kindle books and then eventually got the Kindle books. And they're constantly upgrading. I should give you access to my library account and you can just download to your Kindle. It's all online anyway!