Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Vacation Day

Monday was our last vacation day. It was a glorious ten days off that we soooo appreciated. It was relaxing, we got a lot done, we got to see friends, hang out, and have a great time. I took Evie food shopping with me and then we stopped at Golden Gate Park and walked near Spreckles Lake.

 Thanks for waiting up for me, Evie!

After the park, Evie hopped on the couch with us to watch some TV. What a baby!
We also cleaned out our closets and donated four bags of clothes yesterday. I also dropped off two bags of books for donation. Glad we could clean out & hopefully benefit someone else.

For dinner, I made turkey chilli which was delish! Then, we watched more of Dexter. The 2nd episode we watched was REALLY freaky & the end was so hard to watch. I think I dreamt about it & I can't stop thinking about it!!
I think Evie is going to miss us now that we are going back to work. She had a lot of fun just hanging around all day. Or, maybe she will be glad we are gone so she can sleep!

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