Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Pilates and Lunch

On Sunday, Erik and I attended our friend Shannon's Pilates class at Spring Pilates in the Noe Valley section of SF. I have not done pilates in forever and am also THE most inflexible person in the world so it was interesting. I bought four classes for $25 so I can go a few more times though!
The class went by pretty quick and we focused on different areas of the body. We also did a section with light weights. This really could help my hips since they get SO tight especially after running. 

After Pilates, our friends Tiffany & Kelsey(and her two boys) came by for a visit. Tiffany GAVE us her old bed frame which is super nice of her AND amazing that they drove over the bridge to bring it to us. That is a much better experience than we had with that new couch. hah.

We all went to lunch nearby at Bean Bag Cafe. Erik clearly entertained the boys with his iPhone and they loved hanging out with him.
 Erik, the Entertainer
Tiffany, Me, Erik, and Drew at lunch

 In terms of Evie, she is feeling better. She does have an ear infection and is on anti-itch pills and ear drops. She looooooves getting the ear drops. Not.

We also had a wedding meeting to go over some things that have to happen this month. We can't believe that we are getting married in five months. It seems like it's coming up so quickly!

Great weekend!

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