Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cute Collars & Good Books

This week, Evie got a new collar! I got this for her on Etsy from the store, Collars With Color. It is orange with white polka dots and looks so cute on her!
She got to go to camp yesterday which was great. She fell sleep in the car on the way home which is always funny & she was totally worn out.
Work has been pretty busy this week. I am still heading to the gym in the AM to run on the treadmill which is good. I just need to figure out what time is best to get there/home so that I can walk Evie/get ready, etc. I think I need to be home by 6:30/6:45 which means being AT the gym by 5:45. Ahhhhh!! The treadmill is definitely helping in feeling what a faster pace is like....

I am also reading a WONDERFUL book, The Lost Wife. It is another WWII/Germany story and I cannot put it down. I absolutely LOVE my Kindle and am just reading like mad. I can now read on the bus, standing up, which is awesome! Makes the bus ride go by so quickly. I'm a little sad for this book to end because it is so good. 

The weather here has also been great. We are in the rainy season but have no rain! This also means no snow for Tahoe, which is really probably upsetting the economy over there AND travel plans for many. But, I don't mind the sun!

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