Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Bright and early Monday morning, Erik, Evie, and I got up for two drop offs. We dropped Evie off at camp and then me off at the airport. I headed to Ohio for work meetings and Evie went off for two days of fun!

My office was technically closed for MLK day on Monday so I was definitely less than thrilled to be traveling. I also connected THRU Chicago so that I could arrive at the airport the same time my boss was arriving(since he flew in from another city). I was so tired when I arrived in Cleveland that I went in search of coffee in the food court. Can you believe what I found?

I wanted to cry when I saw Dunkin Donuts because I was so happy. haha I got my coffee and then waited in baggage claim for my bosses to arrive.

After a quick dinner at the hotel, I settled into my hotel room. It was great just to relax and finally go to sleep. I feel like I haven't been sleeping well because my mind is racing with work stuff and wedding stuff (4 months to go - how did it get here so quickly!!). Last night, I actually slept well in the hotel which must be a first.

Anyway, the weather here is crappy - gray, cold, rainy. We are leaving on Wednesday and I PRAY we it does not snow or delay us getting out of here.

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