Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foodie Friday

After coming home from Ohio on Wed, the rest of the week was super busy at work. On Friday, we got a lunch that we have been talking about for awhile - brown bag lunch from Cotogna. On Fridays, they sell a brown bag lunch with one chosen meal. This week was fried chicken sandwiches!

The lunch included a fried chicken sandwich with a cabbage slaw, a potato salad, and a cookie. The fried chicken sandwich was a disappointment. Too much bread & I didn't care for the cabbage slaw dressing. I didn't eat the cookie but I have to say the highlight of the meal was the potato salad. I do not like potato salad but this was delicious! It was large chunks of fingerling potatoes, thin strips of spinach, and a lemony sauce that was soooo good! Typically, I think of picnic potato salad with a lot of mayo and eggs but this was the exact opposite.

On Friday night, Erik & I met Amy out at Harry's Bar. We all got the veggie burgers, based on Erik's recommendation. We were all pretty disappointed! The veggie burger seemed like it was a frozen patty or something. Pretty blah. Good thing there was good beer & company to make the meal a success!

It was POURING rain out on Friday night. The wind was blowing and the rain was whipping around. We were totally soaked just walking to and from the car! It was nice to get home back to the warm house and hop on the couch!

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